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It Starts Within

Professional Excellence Seminar

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A Work Place in Crisis

The latest worldwide Gallup survey shows that less than 15% of employees are engaged at work, and multiple studies have shown that most employees don’t like their jobs. This is not only incredibly sad, it constitutes a real drain on organizations’ productivity, innovation and overall competitiveness. Trendy solutions like “team building” or “open space” work areas on their own do not change anything because they do not tackle the fundamental issue. Nothing exterior can truly effect long lasting positive change. 
It all starts within...

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Sports as a Blueprint

Our institute is born out of one question: Why do athletes so frequently perform better in their career than others? Sports training requires the development of certain universal values such as humility, discipline, respect and dedication that bring out the best in people. Excellence is an art that is only achieved through constant exercise. We are what we repeat. Excellence is not an action but a habit. KBI’s unique method allows people to experience the impact of sports values in their own professional life and gives them the tools to effect positive and lasting change.

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Transform Your Employees Now

Transforming your team is as simple as 1-2-3.

1. KBI will schedule a meeting with you to do a first intake in your specific context and vision.

2. KBI will make all the necessary adaptation and arrangements.

3. KBI will deliver the training as planned.

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Performing Like an Athlete

Once KBI has trained your staff and management team, things cannot remain the same because: 


1. Staff members have concrete tools to become better through the daily value-fight.  2. Managers and executives have changed their outlook toward their staff and have the tools for culture shaping exercises  3. All have experienced that excellence comes from within and that they need to fight daily in order to realize this excellence.

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“For the first time in my career, I have received training that focuses on what is going on inside of me. Not technical training. Mental training.”

Sports & Business: Témoignages
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Gatineau, Quebec Police Department

Sports & Business: Témoignages

 Frequently Asked Questions

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What does your training change?

Our seminars teach officers and executives how to create a culture of excellence through the development of ...

What is your method? How does it work?

KBI uses sports and martial arts as an example to provoke a moment of maieutics. It’s what contemporary psychology calls a ...

What does this have to do with martial arts?

Sports transmit realistic human values that bring out the best in people. They’re an ...

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