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What does your training change?

Our seminars teach officers and executives how to create a culture of excellence through the development of inner strengths. Inner strength brings confidence, even in the anti-police era. Confident officers are true community builders. Community builders do not leave their post. They stay on the force.

What is your method? How does it work?

KBI uses sports and martial arts as an example to provoke a moment of maieutics. It’s what contemporary psychology calls a “significant psychological event” in which participants realize that they alone—individually—are ultimately responsible for their success. This proven method, coupled with the example of martial arts, through which values become easily understandable, guarantees the method’s effectiveness.

What does this have to do with martial arts?

Sports transmit realistic human values that bring out the best in people. They’re an area where reality retains its rights, where long-term stringency, effort and discipline are concrete. Martial arts in particular convey a wisdom that shapes practitioners throughout their lives. Martial arts are therefore a reservoir of lessons in professionalism. They can enable us to address professional issues in a realistic way.

But it’s impossible to transform a department with training alone. Is there magic involved?

Training does not work miracles. Neither do we. KBI’s training does not contain any magic, or any secret method. Using the lessons learned from the martial arts and the virtues of Bushido, we simply articulate a set of activities, techniques and proven principles in order to push the participants towards a fundamental questioning about themselves. Our training is designed to be a significant psychological event which defines their professional and personal life. With the concrete tools provided during and after the training, participants are equipped to see things differently and to enter daily into the most important fight of their lives: the fight against oneself.

Do you train only officers?

We have two seminars in our police program:

  • KBI 1-day seminar for police officers

This unique and interactive seminar leads each police officer on a path of self discovery in which they acquire the tools necessary for developing and sustaining mental fortitude in any environment.

  • KBI 3-day seminar for police executives

On the first day, police executives undergo the same journey as their officers do in the one day seminar. Over the next two days, executives explore, discuss, and assimilate concrete tools to shape a culture of mental fortitude.

Why do you say that you shape culture?

Nature abhors a vacuum. If police executives do not lead the culture shaping in their department, an “us versus them” subculture will develop. Shaping a culture of excellence keeps people engaged and helps them to perform better. It also attracts news recruits. We are your partners in shaping this healthy culture.

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