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KBI’s Training Method

The work place is in a state of crisis. Most people are discontent with their job, and hiring managers know all too well how difficult it can be to find quality employees.  In the age of the Internet with LinkedIn, thousands of recruiting agencies and outsourced staffing firms, one might legitimately expect the business world to have solved the biggest HR challenge by now: locating and retaining top quality employees who consistently perform at high levels.  And yet, nothing could be farther from the truth.  With all of these tools at our disposal, the HR crisis is getting worse, not better. One needn’t look far to find multiple studies showing that only about 15% of employees are engaged worldwide.  Among US workers, that number is a little better at around 30-35%, but that means that 70% of employees are not engaged!  Traditional approaches to hiring focus on matching applicants’ skills and personality with a job description and corporate culture.  Considering that we also live in a world with more highly trained and specialized talent than at any other time in history, one is forced to wonder why all of these highly trained individuals are unable to find satisfaction in their work.  There is only one logical conclusion:  The root cause has gone unaddressed.

The root cause of this crisis is a lack of some fundamental skills that are not being taught in schools or seminars. Excellence is the result of integrity, honesty, discipline, humility, generosity, and respect.  These are the fundamental character traits that will bring about employee engagement, high satisfaction, and outstanding performance in the workplace. 

But it is not enough to say it. A mere slogan cannot fix it.

Correcting another human being in such a way as to successfully affect positive change is always a tricky proposition. This becomes much more challenging when the correction is related to a basic fundamental human quality.  It may be difficult to tell an employee “Your sales numbers were weak this quarter, you really need to focus on better client management.”  It is much more difficult to get an employee to see that he or she is lacking in humility or integrity.  One cannot tell them directly. Instead, someone needs to lead them on a path of self discovery that enables them to see these things for themselves.  Then they will be in a position to see that excellence is within their grasp, and nothing is holding them back except themselves.

Our unique and fun training methods bring people to that point where they are able to make a fundamental shift in their outlook on life, career, and relationships.  

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