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KBI’s Training Method

Police Officers Deserve Peace of Mind

Providing body armor and weapons is essential in allowing officers to feel confident in high risk situations, but it is not enough. They also need the tools that will give them the mental fortitude to feel confident in their daily contacts, allowing them to focus more on fostering healthy community relationships in spite of the difficult cultural state of affairs. Police officers deserve peace of mind.

The Foundation of Inner Strength

In Medieval Japan the Samurai (in addition to their military drills) were trained to follow a code of behavior known as Bushido or the Way of the Warrior. They knew that in battle warriors need interior strength and mental fortitude, and they understood that the eight virtues of Bushido - integrity, courage, generosity, politeness, honesty, honor, loyalty and discipline - are the foundation of this interior strength. 

Today’s warrior facing today’s threats must also take this interior journey. Inner strength provides confidence in one’s ability to withstand all of the interior assaults they face - just as their body armor gives them confidence to withstand physical assaults.  With this confidence comes peace of mind.

That’s what we do.

A Significant Shift

We know that warriors don’t easily admit that they are vulnerable.  Deep down, they know it, but because they don’t know how to deal with it, they play a character who looks tough - the tough guy.  But that is just a facade which offers no protection.

Raising the Curtain

KBI has developed a powerful method to help individual officers as well as entire police departments address the paramount challenge of ending the facade and truly building inner strength. Using the lessons learned from the martial arts and the virtues of Bushido , we guide participants through a journey of self discovery.

We do it in two steps.

STEP-ONE - KBI 1-day seminar for police officers

Our unique and interactive 1-day seminar leads each police officer on a path of self discovery where they come to their own realization that:

  1. They are vulnerable.

  2. They need to arm their interior in order to be strong.

  3. They need to start a mental fortitude daily training program.

Step one is critical, but is not enough. Police officers need to be supported by a workplace culture  that understands their need to train their mind just as they train their body. This is why we need step two.

STEP-TWO - KBI 3-days seminar for police executives

On day one, police executives undergo the same journey as their officers do in the one day seminar. Over the next two days, executives explore, discuss, and assimilate concrete tools to shape a culture of mental fortitude.

Healthy, Engaged and Cost Effective

Once your officers begin daily workouts your department will be transformed.  Your officers will stay healthy and feel more confident. Confident officers don’t live in fear but strive to help their neighbors.  This cultivates pride, inspires trust, and enables them to become a living building block within the community. 

Instead of sitting in their cars feeding the “us versus them” mentality, you just might find them playing basketball with the youth or cards with elders. 

The results will also significantly reduce the costs associated with high turnover, sudden departures, and extended sick leave and will help protect the wellbeing of your officers.

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